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In the West there is a growing trend of getting hair transplant abroad. Thousands patients with alopecia, receding hairline, and other problems connected with hair loss choose foreign destinations to undergo this treatment, due to hair transplant costs in their home countries. Among favourite destinations for FUE method transplant procedure the position of Turkey is growing stronger and stronger.

Turkey and Medical Tourism

Turkey’s position in the health tourism market has risen steadily throughout the last decade. There were a few reasons for this situation. The first and most important one was dramatic improvement in technology and the quality of service, which attracted a wave of new customers. As an example, in contrast to American clinics, Turkish ones prefer new generation of FUE method for hair transplant rather than outdated FUT technique. These developments were met by Turkey’s geographical proximity. Patients from MENA (Middle East North Africa) region can easily reach this country by developed web of regional airlines. In the same time, the costs of flights from USA or Western Europe got relatively cheap. Finally, advanced technologies and excellent service as well as geographical position were met by affordable prices, incomparable with clinics of Europe or America. All these three factors prompted a steady growth in this sector, including hair implants treatments.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

From the aforementioned stream of patients coming every year to Turkey to undergo a medical procedure, many come to receive a FUE method transplant. In 2015 alone 750 000 medical tourists visited Turkey. Out of them, every one of seven has chosen this destination to receive FUE hair transplant and other treatments related to hair loss. While the majority of patients hail from MENA region, there’s a continuous growth in number of tourists from Western countries, who are attracted by Turkey’s growing reputation in the field of hair implants.
While there are many cities popular among foreign patients including Ankara, Antalya, and Bursa, many visitors choose to have their hair transplant in Istanbul. It is caused by Istanbul’s status as a one of world’s metropolis. Here we can find Turkey’s best clinics and international teams of surgeons. One of them is definitely Estethic Palace with its excellent staff and facilities prepared for even most demanding patients. Moreover, many patients do not visit solely to undergo a medical procedure. They prefer to join it with sightseeing and there aren’t many places in the world matching Istanbul’s Sultanahmet (Blue Mosque) area, Dolmabahce Palace or Taksim, not to mention the view from Galata Tower.

Price of Hair Implants in Turkey

Cost of FUE method is for many patients one of the critical factors in choosing destination. In this field the superiority of Turkey is clearly visible. While this procedure may cost up to 25 000 $ in USA or UK, clinics in Istanbul may offer the same quality hair transplant for as little as 1700 $. Having in mind that the facilities and service offered in these countries are on comparable level, there is a high incentive to travel to shores of Bosphorus and undergo treatment in one of the clinics, for example in Estethic Palace. After a hair transplant patient may rest in its top-end facilities or have a tour around the city, witnessing thousands of years of history.

Summary: Why Should I Have a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

People struggling with hair loss for years are choosing the clinics in Turkey to have a FUE method for hair transplant done. This growing trend is built by thousands of success stories. Hair transplant results in clinics of Istanbul or other big cities aren’t different from the top clinics in the West but in the same time have much affordable pricing, joined by splendid view outside the window. It is enough to find an affordable flight and go. Turkey is waiting.