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PRP treatment is a well-studied procedure that finds use in many fields, including orthopedics and sport medicine. However, in the same time PRP is a cosmetic treatment used to improve patients’ appearance. The abbreviation PRP stands for platelet rich plasma and suggests us the nature of this technique. In the course of PRP treatment, patient’s own blood is used to create autologous platelet rich plasma by removing red and white blood cells in the process of centrifugation. Then, PRP injection is applied in the area to be rejuvenated. There are two main popular variations of this cosmetic procedure, including:

  • PRP treatment for face – wrinkles and other imperfections on patients face are being smoothened thanks to PRP injection.
  • PRP injection for hair loss – in this case, PRP treatment aims at rejuvenating patient’s skin and as a result – at stimulating hair growth.


PRP injection treatment is a relatively easy and short one. Blood platelet treatment takes around 15 minutes. Blood sample is taken from patient and undergoes centrifugation. Then, red and white cells are separated and remaining platelet rich plasma is injected into patient’s face skin (plasma injections for face) or on the top of their head (PRP for hair regrowth). After the procedure, patient is ready to go home.


No matter if PRP hair restoration or PRP treatment for skin, there is no platelet rich plasma preparation protocol for patients. It is enough to appear at doctor’s office.


PRP injection recovery time is very short. It takes up to one week to achieve full PRP recovery – around this time all possible bruising or swelling should be gone and patient should be totally comfortable. Coming back to job is possible even after one to two days after PRP treatment.


PRP injection side effects may include bruising and temporary feeling of tension under the skin in the place where plasma injection therapy was performed (no matter whether PRP for hair loss or PRP therapy for face).


Is Platelet Rich Plasma a Safe Choice?

Sure, Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is a perfectly safe procedure. PRP treatment for hair and PRP therapy for face are well-studied cosmetic procedures with thousands of patients every year deciding for them. In the course of this treatment, autologous platelet rich plasma is used – your own blood undergoes centrifugation in order to create it. Therefore, there is no need to worry about donor’s and patient’s tissue not matching – you are your own donor.

How Long Does PRP Hair Treatment Last?

It takes only minutes to undergo PRP injection treatment. You should be done with your PRP for hair loss or PRP treatment for skin in less than an hour.

Is It a Good Idea to Have PRP Injection Abroad?

Yes, definitely. PRP injection therapy is safe and takes a short time to be done. There is no need to worry about right donor since it is an autologous treatment. Additionally, you can have some fun, mixing medical purposes with travelling.


More and more people decide to have their PRP abroad. From many health tourism destinations, undergoing PRP in Turkey becomes more and more popular. Patients from Europe and MENA countries know that clinics in Istanbul, Ankara or Antalya succeeded to pair affordable price with high quality of service and facilities. Having PRP in Turkey is a safe and satisfying choice.