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Liposuction is a popular plastic surgery, involving suction of excessive fat with use of small tubes inserted under the skin through small incisions. While commonly it is perceived as a way to lose weight, liposuction (or lipo) is usually used as a last resort, to eradicate fat tissue which doesn’t react to diet and other treatments. It is also a part of other surgeries like fat transfer. As in case of so many other medical procedures, this one is also subject to price differences between countries, cities and clinics due to taxation, qualifications of specialists and income level. Therefore liposuction is offered in many health tourism destinations, including Turkey with its regional leader position. However, why should you choose Turkey as a place to undergo this cosmetic surgery? Here are 5 popular reasons:

1. Turkey as a Leader in Health Tourism

Turkey has become one of the world leaders in health tourism sector and is notoriously finding its place in the top 10 of destinations. Its convenient location as a bridge between Europe and MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region is a blessing. Thousands of patients willing to undergo treatments like liposuction or fat transfer arrive in clinics of Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, or Bursa. Nevertheless, the geographic position of Turkey is not the only factor. People are attracted by high quality accompanied by relatively low prices.

2. Affordable prices

The difference in liposuction costs between Turkey and Western Europe is more than significant. While in UK the average price of this cosmetic surgery oscillates around 4.250€, the same treatment in clinics of Istanbul or other Turkish cities is estimated to cost 1.900€ on average. This significant difference in costs makes Turkey a desirable destination even after adding costs of travelling and accommodation.

3. Dedication to Quality

It is easy to find high quality medical service in Turkey. There are hundreds of certified clinics which put care about the patient as a top priority. Getting liposuction surgery done in one of these top-end facilities is pleasant experience finished with satisfying results. In the case of Istanbul one of the fine examples of such clinics is Estethic Palace with its well-educated staff and years of practice in the field of cosmetic surgeries.

4. Touristic Side of Health Tourism

While medical services remain an essential aim of medical tourism, there’s a purely touristic side of this experience in Turkey. Visiting Turkey you have a unique chance to match necessary with pleasant. After all it is better to undergo liposuction treatment and then relax watching the view on Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, Galata Tower or busy streets of Taksim. As it is well known environment is also an important factor in recovery after a surgery and getting good results from liposuction procedure.

5. Cheap Flights

Plane tickets may be a crucial element in choice of convenient destination to have a liposuction surgery. Fortunately, plane tickets to Turkey both from Europe and USA are relatively cheap. When it’s coming to European ports of departure the cheap ones seem to be German and Ukrainian airports. However, it is not hard to find some really cheap deals from other countries as well.

Let’s Sum It Up!

As we can see there are at least five major reasons why liposuction (or any liposuction-related treatment like fat transfer) in Turkey is a good idea. We may count on Turkey’s reputation as regional and world leader in health tourism. We may depend on high quality of services met by affordable prices. Finally, apart from having liposuction, we can also enjoy wonders of Turkish cities like Istanbul while recovering. Finally, it is cheap to travel there by plane. So, when should we schedule a visit?