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Botox is a drug produced from botulinum toxin, which in turn is a by-product of metabolism of certain bacteria which normally appear in soil all around the globe. While in the natural state botulinum toxin is harmless, produced artificially in larger quantities it becomes a deadly poison. However, injected in small dosage in the form of botox drug, it helps reduce wrinkles and other defects of ageing skin through paralyzing nerves in treated area. The exceptional effects of botox injections won them the position of most popular cosmetic surgery procedure. Additionally, their non-invasive character guaranteed that many patients will decide to get their botox in popular health tourism destinations. One of them is without any doubt Turkey. But why should we focus on Turkey? Here are some practical reasons which should convince you.

1. The Beauty of Turkey

Why having botox done in the clinic next door if you can undergo this treatment in the sunny resorts like Bodrum, Kusadasi, Marmaris? Why not visiting Istanbul – the city of empires, historical churches, mosques and synagogues? What about Ankara with its bustling international community of businessmen and diplomats? Not to mention thousands of other worthy places – wonders of nature and ancient cities, deserts and ancient forests. Getting botox and recovery period in such excellent surrounding may be a truly unforgettable experience.

2. The Istanbul Experience

There are many reasons why we’ve decided for a separate section dedicated to Istanbul, ancient Konstantinopolis. Throughout its 2,500 years long history, this city was the centre of two great empires – Byzantine and Ottoman. The remains of their past glory are still here: Aya Sofia and Blue Mosque, old walls of Constantinople, old Genoese quarter of Pera (Beyoglu) and thousands of other magnificent constructions. If we should focus more on the issue of botox injections, Istanbul is also a home for thousands of top-end clinics offering various treatments to domestic and foreign patients looking to improve their appearance through aesthetic surgeries. One of them is Esthetic Palace, which gained excellent opinions of visitors thanks to the always high quality matched with reasonable pricing. Many patients have visited Esthetic Palace’s facilities in order to get botox and benefited from the care of experienced team of specialists since the clinic’s opening in 2011.

3. Turkey’s Position among the Leaders of Health Tourism

The guarantee for high quality of medical services in Turkey is its position as regional and world leader in health tourism. In 2015, Turkey was sixth most popular health tourism destinations, thanks to visitors from Europe and MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region arriving in order to get botox or other treatments done. This popularity was partly achieved due to Turkey’s geographical position. However, the main factor seems to be the superb quality and affordable prices, especially in comparison with Europe, where the same procedure may cost 2-3 times more. Therefore, it is possible to undergo a botox injections treatment in Istanbul or other popular destination and save money despite the costs of transportation and accommodation.

4. High Quality & Tempting Prices

Getting botox in Turkey is a safe alternative to clinics in our home country. The quality of services, the dedication of specialists and high level of facilities are notoriously praised by patients. Another proof is increasing number of foreign patients arriving every year. Apart from quality, an important factor suggesting that we should have our botox injections in Turkey is a price, usually significantly lower than this in European clinics. Additionally, many clinics can offer us a package including accommodation in a fixed price.

5. Affordable Transport

Finally, there is a need to clarify the issue of transportation. Flights to Turkey are really cheap. This is due to the existence of many cheap airlines as well as governmental support for tourism development. Therefore, we do not need to spend fortune in order to get to Istanbul and get botox injections. Instead, we may enjoy our trip without worrying about the costs.

Summary: Why Getting Botox in Turkey?

There are many reasons for getting botox injections in Turkey. The quality there is high while the prices remain low. The reputation in Turkey is guaranteed by thousands of patients coming to have botox treatment done in clinics of Istanbul like Estethic Palace or in other cities, including Antalya or Ankara. Splendid views and majestic historical heritage will make our stay and recovery period especially pleasant and unforgettable. Now it’s just a matter of booking a cheap flight and we are good to go.