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FUT hair transplant method is one of the modern techniques of hair transplant surgery. The FUT abbreviation comes from Follicular Unit Transplantation, as opposed to another popular technique – FUE Method (Foculliar Unit Extraction). Specialists are not of one mind in the topic of which of them is the best hair transplant method. However, many suggest, that FUT hair transplant method is better for patients who plan to keep their hair a little longer (due to scarring), since it is a quicker treatment and allows to extract more hair grafts in one session. In the same time, FUE hair transplant method is suggested for those of patients who prefer to keep their hair short as well as for irregular, small-sized bald spots. In this article we will focus on follicular unit transplantation type hair transplant.


Throughout the FUT method session, thin but long strips of patient’s skin are removed from the back of the head or other place. As the second step of this hair restoration technique, the removed strip is cut into grafts, each hair graft containing around 4 hairs or so. Finally, FUT method hair grafting is performed in the area where baldness or partial baldness was experienced. Since grafts in Follicular Unit Transplant aren’t collected individually but as a strip of skin, the process is relatively quick and major body of work may be conducted throughout one session of FUT method hair replacement.


There are several requirements necessary to be met before FUT hair transplant method. Smoking as well as drinking alcohol is forbidden due to negative impact on blood. As for vitamins, vitamin C is recommended while E and B are not suggested before follicular hair transplantation. Having hair cut also is not a wise decision before hair restoration; your doctor will shorten them himself in the beginning of the FUT hair transplant procedure. Patients are expected to massage their scalp in order to make skin softer and therefore to make hair grafting easier.


Recovery from FUT hair transplant method is not a long or painful process. For the first few nights it is important to sleep with slightly elevated head. The next day after follicular unit transplant, patients are asked to wash their head thoroughly, approximately three times. In the following one-week period, showers two times a day are strongly advised. FUT method patients using alcohol may have a drink after around 3 days, while smokers can resume their habit after two weeks due to smoking impeding the process of recovery from FUT hair transplant method.


As with many other medical procedures, the FUT hair transplant method may result, apart from hair replacement, in some side effects. In case of FUT method, one of the common side effects which surprise patients is falling off of hair. However, most of the time it is the first phase of hair restoration and soon the new hair starts to grow. Another side effect of FUT hair transplant method may be bleeding and swelling. Again, these phenomena aren’t dangerous or abnormal as long as they are limited and not lasting long. Finally, there is a risk of infection as a result of follicular unit transplantation but it is rather small and can be easily treated with antibiotics.


While FUT hair transplant method is definitely quicker and may be more effective in some cases than FUE method, it comes with a price. This is obviously scarring. Extracting a strip of skin during hair restoration by FUT method, results in long scar. However, there is nothing to worry about as long as we do not wish to cut ourselves really short. The scar after FUT method is easily conceivable under hair and remains invisible to our surrounding.


What Is Better: FUE Method or FUT Method?

There is no one, easy answer for the question of superiority of one hair restoration method over another. Specialists generally point out that while FUE method doesn’t leave a scar, it takes longer (sometimes more than one session) and therefore is proposed to patients with limited bald spot. In the same time FUT hair transplant method is definitely quicker and may cover bigger bald area but comes with the price in the form of a scar. FUT method scar however, is easily covered with hair and doesn’t influence one’s appearance.

Is Follicular Unit Transplantation Effective?

Yes, most of the patients deciding for FUT method are happy with their new appearance and hair restoration effects. Hair implants in FUT hair transplantation method usually survive the procedure and are a satisfactory hair replacement in the previously bald spots.

Is It Possible to Regrow Hair Without FUT Method?

It is a hard question. Everything depends on the reasons of baldness as well as the area to be covered. In smaller cases FUE method may be recommended. However, FUT method is definitely recommended when the hair restoration covers a larger area.


Turkey has gained a significant position among health tourism destinations in recent years. Among most popular treatments in Turkey is FUT method. Follicular unit transplantation is conducted in number of certified, reliable clinics, including Estethic Palace in Atasehir, Istanbul. FUT hair transplant method in Istanbul, Turkey, seems like a great option for increasing number of foreign visitors not only for the top-end facilities and supreme quality of conducted FUT method and other treatments, but also because of natural beauty and historic heritage of the country. Therefore, patients after hair restoration may recover in pleasant, interesting environment. Additionally, average cost of hair transplant in Turkey is significantly lower than in Western Europe or USA.