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FUE method for hair transplant (full name: follicular unit extraction) is the newest generation of hair transplantation techniques. It is a popular hair loss treatment for men, used against baldness and thinning hair. While the previous famous method, FUT (follicular unit transplant) was performed by removing a fragment of tissue from the donor body part and then preparing grafts from extracted tissue, FUE method transplant is acquired by precise removing hair grafts (1-4 hair in one graft). In this way there are no large-scale scars and the donor area remains covered with hair without significant change in volume. Follicular unit extraction is suggested for the patients when:

  • They want to keep their hair short – the scars are almost invisible.
  • They don’t want to lose hair in the donor area.
  • The body hair is used as the donor area instead of head.


FUE method of hair transplant process itself isn’t painful but it may be described as an unpleasant one. The extraction must be very precise and every graft contains only 1-4 hair, therefore the procedure of follicular unit extraction takes several hours and requires patience. In case if the area to be restored is large a few sessions may be required. Additionally, due to the precision required in order to not damage grafts, the success of FUE method transplant depends largely on skills of specialist performing it. Therefore, it is recommended to use the help of well-known and esteemed clinics.


There is no need for special preparation before the FUE method transplant. However, it is suggested to conduct firstly so-called Fox test, through which a specialist may learn how many grafts are fit for use after extraction. If the number of damaged hair is too big another methods should be suggested.


FUE Method

Here are some Fue hair transplant before and after pictures to help you to see the results.


Recovery after FUE hair transplant has three phases. Throughout first few days incisions left in the places where grafts were harvested are healing. New hair growth thanks to FUE method should be observed around the third month after the treatment. Finally, approximately six months after the procedure both FUE hair implants and the donor areas are expected to show significant growth.


As mentioned before extensive graft harvesting for FUE hair implants may result in health risks like infection or regional necrosis. Additionally, extraction of hair from certain areas of higher vulnerability (especially posterior occiput) may lead to future baldness in these places.


FUE hair transplant scars take form of small incisions in places where grafts were harvested. These usually remain nearly invisible since in most of the cases grafting doesn’t take an extensive scale and is conducted in a way that leaves FUE hair donor area with hair. However, FUE scars are almost irrelevant in comparison to these caused by the FUT treatment.


What Is Better: FUE Method or FUT Method?

If we take pain during the procedure and the preservation of donor area, FUE hair implants are definitely a better choice. This technique is not only conducted without pain but also provides more harmonious growth of hair.

Does Follicular Unit Extraction Leave Scars?

FUE method does leave scars. Nevertheless, these are just small incisions in the place of grafted hair and are rather small. Additionally, FUE allows hiding these incisions between hairs since not all FUE hair donor area is harvested but selected grafts.

Is FUE Hair Transplant Permanent?

If the FUE technique is performed correctly and the grafts start to grow, this change is permanent or at least long-lasting since the transplanted hair continue to grow.

Is It a Good Idea to Undergo FUE Treatment In Turkey?

Turkey is a regional leader in medical tourism and especially in the field of aesthetic medicine. Thousands of patients visiting this country every year are the best proof that it is definitely a good destination for your treatment. In order to be sure that the effects of your FUE hair transplant will be splendid, it is worth visiting Estethic Palace. Our specialists are ready to help you in the best way possible.


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