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Chemical peel is a treatment aiming at improving the skin’s appearance through removal of outer layer of it. It is similar to microdermabrasion but there’s a significant difference in methods. Microdermabrasion is a mechanical intervention in skin’s structure while chemical peel, as the name indicates, is based on chemical effect. Therefore, it is generally advised for people with sensitive skin. Most of the patients choose chemical peel to clean and refresh skin on hands, face, neck, and chest. To most popular problems treated with chemical peeling belong:

  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Crow’s feet
  • Face peel for acne scars
  • Scars

Again, the effects brought by chemical peeling skin treatment depend on the type and size of skin changes as well as type of chemical peel used. There are three main types:

  • Superficial peel – mild acids are used to softly rebuild the skin and deal with insignificant changes. These ones are performed by people in home.
  • Medium peel – glycolic peel and tca peel (trichloroacetic acid peel) – used to fight with skin aging like wrinkles, and freckles.
  • Deep peel – based on phenol, it penetrates skin deeply and is applied in order to fight with significant changes in skin due to aging or scarring.


Medium and deep peels are applied under local or sometimes general anaesthesia. The skin is treated firstly with defatting substance like alcohol or acetone. Then the chemical peel is applied and, depending on the mix of chemicals used, removed after 1 or 2 hours. Finally bandages are applied to the area undergoing a process of chemical peeling and patient may go home to recover.


The most important recommendation is avoiding exposure to sunlight as much as possible and using sunscreen with broad spectrum and high factor (more than 30). Additionally, skin needs to be left to regenerate (for example man should resign from shaving in the first one-two weeks). It is also helpful to ask doctor performing chemical peeling treatment about his suggestions regarding skin in the first weeks after undergoing the chemical peel.


Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling before and after pictures can help you to see its result.


Chemical peel scars aren’t an expected result of this treatment since it is a non-surgical one. However, scarring may appear as a side effect. Again, this risk may be kept really small by choosing a renowned clinic and following the doctor’s instructions regarding recovery period after chemical peel.


One possible side effect of chemical peeling treatment is change in skin tone. However, it is a rarely occurring event. As in case of abovementioned complications, patient’s behaviour during recovery is one of the key factors. Special importance is given to avoiding exposure to sun.


While chemical peel of any type is considered as a rather safe procedure, there are some risks worth consideration. Patients may live a reactivation of cold sores as well as get scarred as a result of incorrect treatment or negligence during the recovery period. There’s also a possibility of infection.


Is It Necessary to Have Chemical Peel Conducted in a Clinic?

There are three basic types of chemical peeling. Of them only the lightest one may be safely performed in home. In order to achieve bigger and long-lasting effects, it is necessary to undergo medium or deep pill processes which should be performed by a specialist.

Are Facial Peels Good For Your Skin?

Definitely, a chemical peeling treatment conducted by a specialist results in younger, cleaner skin and helps removing or decreasing scarring, signs of age and even some types of acne scars.

Chemical Peeling Advantages and Disadvantages - What About Them?

Most important advantage of chemical peeling treatment is younger, refreshed skin with decreased signs of aging. The process also is a definite advantage. It isn’t a surgical intervention and lasts only 1 to 2 hours with 1 or 2 weeks more to fully recover. Chemical peel may not be suitable for certain types of skin, consultation with a doctor should confirm whether you may undergo this treatment and expect good results.

Why Should I Choose Turkey As My Chemical Peeling Treatment Destination?

Turkey is already a regional leader in quality and size of its health tourism sector. This state of affairs is only developing with recent years especially thanks to patients from MENA region. Supreme quality and affordable price of chemical peeling treatment are factors which attract more and more people to Turkey and more specifically – to Estethic Palace in Istanbul.


Turkey has gained in the last years a position of regional leader in health tourism. Thousands of patients arrive each year to enjoy supreme quality, clean facilities and attractive prices for range of medical treatments, including chemical peel. Among many high-end clinics in Istanbul, Ankara or Antalya, Istanbul’s Esthetic Palace enjoys a well-deserved esteem and leader position thanks to dedication to patient’s needs and years of experience in this field.