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While thinking about popular types of cosmetic surgery, most of the people imagine breast augmentation treatment or breast implants. However, there is also a countercurrent in plastic surgeries all around the world – more and more women decide rather for breast reduction procedure in order to feel comfortable with their bodies. As it is with many other cosmetic treatments, breast reduction surgery costs depend not only on the scope and scale of the procedure, but also on the clinic, prestige of plastic surgeon and, most importantly, on the country where one decide for breast reduction. For this reason, many patients decide for health tourism as means of receiving the same treatment for significantly lower price.

In the following article, we will try to compare breast reduction surgery costs in Turkey with a few examples of European countries, in order to show that health tourism is a viable alternative especially for more cost-aware patients.

Cost of Breast Reduction in the UK

UK is known for excellence in various types of cosmetic surgeries as well as other, life and health-saving medical procedures. However, breast reduction in the UK is not a cheap business. While the cheapest boob job prices are estimated to be as low as 3500€, usually it ranges from 6000 up to 8200€, not including a post-operational care. This may be quite an expense for people with limited financial resources. For this reason, many patients decide for a breast reduction abroad, giving an impulse to the growing health tourism market.

medical tourism antalya

Cost of Breast Reduction in Turkey

Finally, there is Turkey. The country which is well-known by European patients and these coming from MENA region as the synonym of high quality merged with reasonable pricing. How much does a breast reduction cost in Turkey? Cost of breast reduction surgery there may be as low as 2400€, while average cost of breast reduction is thought to be around 3300€. As is the case with other types of plastic surgery, plastic surgeons in Turkish clinics will provide the best breast reduction procedure for a really reasonable price as compared to UK or Germany. After it, we can spend our breast reduction recovery time in resorts of Antalya, Alanya or Bodrum, travelling through wilderness of Black Sea region or discovering secrets of the ancient cities such as Ephesus or Istanbul. Therefore, having breast reduction in Turkey seems like the most reasonable of all choices.

medical tourism germany

Cost of Breast Reduction in Germany

Germany is very famous for the quality of medical treatments there. Many people with life-threatening conditions decide to undergo necessary surgeries in clinics of Berlin or Munich. Still, in the case of plastic surgeries, German pricing is not really satisfying. Minimal breast reduction cost at 3800€, with average prices shaped rather around 5500€ and up it is simply too much for many German patients, who are forced to travel abroad to reduce breast size.

Cost of Breast Reduction in Spain

There is a clear-cut difference between the UK and Germany on one side and Spain on the other as for breast reduction surgery cost. Breast reduction in Spain will cost us as low as 4000€, including accommodation and travel costs. Additionally, clinics in Spain are famous for their quality, both of facilities and plastic surgeons conducting boob jobs and other types of plastic surgery. Therefore, many people decide to undergo breast reduction procedure there, spending their breast reduction recovery time on sandy beaches or strolling medieval old towns.

medical tourism spain

Cost of Breast Reduction in Poland

Poland is a popular medical tourism destination and it is easy to understand why just by checking the cost of breast reduction in this country. When neighbouring Germany sets prices as high as 5500€ and up, in Poland it is possible to undergo breast reduction procedure for as little of a price as 2900€. For this very reason, not to mention a superb quality of clinics in Warsaw, Krakow or Poznan, many Germans and citizens of other Western European countries decide to travel to Poland in order to have a breast reduction. After breast reduction surgery, they often travel, visiting natural parks and historical sights of this country.