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Prices include the operation, anesthesia, medications, surgical bra, doctor consultations, pre-operative and post-operative examinations, costs related to patient’s stay in the clinic, pick-up from the airport and local transfers between the airport, hotel and the clinic.

MemoryGel® is used in our clinic for all breast augmentation operations.

Surgery Stay in Hospital Price
Breast augmentation with round implants Overnight stay is not required 2,500€
Breast augmentation with drop shape implants Overnight stay is not required 2,900€
Breast lift and augmentation with round shape implants Overnight stay is not required 3,000€
Breast lift and augmentation with drop shape implants Overnight stay is not required 3,250€


Breast implant surgery, also known as breast augmentation or “boob job”, is a popular plastic surgery procedure preferred by thousands of women every year in order to increase the size or change the shape of their breasts. Almost 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries have been performed in 2014 making breast augmentation the most popular plastic surgery procedure. Breast augmentation is also preferred by breast cancer patients following a mastectomy surgery – over 100,000 breast cancer patients have undergone a breast enlargement surgery in 2014.

A breast lift surgery may be performed together with the breast augmentation in order move the nipple to a higher position and to remove excess skin in the breast area.

Types of Breast Implants:

Round vs Teardrop Breast Implants

Round breast implants are widely used by many surgeons today. They look fuller and they have a softer implant shell compared to other breast implant types. If implant rotates, there is no visible change due to the round shape of the implant. Both saline and silicone options are available.

Teardrop breast implants, also called form-stable or gummy bear implants, is a relatively new breast implant type being introduced in 2012. Teardrop implants can maintain their shape and are produced in different shapes. Teardrop implants have a thicker shell which makes them more durable.


Breast augmentation surgery  is performed under general anesthesia and it usually takes around an hour. The surgeon makes a small cut along the breast crease and places the implant through the incision. The size of the incision changes based on the shape and size of the implant. Dissolving stitches are used to close the incision, so there is no need to remove the stitches after the surgery.

Over the muscle vs under the muscle

One decision that needs to be made is where to place the implant:

Breast implant over the muscle – implant is placed between the chest muscle and breast tissue. It is a simple technique and recovery period is usually shorter compared to other techniques. Implant edges are more visible when the implant is placed over the muscle – making it hard to achieve a more natural look. Also, mammograms may become less effective up to 40%, as the implant can interfere with breast cancer screenings.

Breast implant under the muscle – is a more difficult technique where the implant is placed under the chest muscle. A more desirable and natural look can be achieved using this technique. It is suggested for women with little breast tissue.


10 days before the surgery please stop taking any blood thinners (including aspirins), vitamins and herbal teas. 8 hours before the surgery please stop smoking and do not take any liquids or food.



Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants)

Here are breast augmentation before and after pictures to help you see its results.


Breast augmentation recovery time varies from person to person. Usually, the patient can get back to work in a few days. Patient is not allowed to take a shower for 3 to 7 days. Heavy physical activities should be avoided for 3-4 weeks.


Following the surgery, the patient may feel pain, bruising, numbness and changed nipple sensation, which usually go away after 1-2 weeks. Pain medications will be provided by your surgeon to ease the side effects.


Breast augmentation surgery leaves some scars after the surgery, which fade slowly in a couple of months. In some cases, it can take up to a year for scars to disappear completely.


Breast Implants vs Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is a popular plastic surgery procedure used to restore the volume of many parts of the body, however increasing the breast size with fat transfer is a little complicated. There are some studies that show that breast implants are still the safest method for breast augmentation as the translated fat may not live or it may lead to oil cysts.

Can I breastfeed with implants?

Yes, you can. Breast augmentation surgery is compatible with breastfeeding. Chemicals inside the implants do not mix with the breast milk and it is safe for the baby.

Does breast implants cause breast cancer?

There is not any scientific evidence suggesting that breast implants cause breast cancer or having breast implants increases the chance of developing breast cancer.


Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures among medical travellers. Every year, thousands of international patients prefer Turkey for a breast augmentation surgery as clinics offer high quality breast augmentation surgeries at affordable prices. Estethic Palace is a leading breast augmentation clinic in Turkey and has welcomed thousands of international patients since 2011.