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All-on-4 treatment (also written as All-on-four) is an advanced dental implants technique used for full teeth replacement. In All-on-4, the dentist uses just four titanium dental implants to place a new dental bridge instead of series of single tooth implants. Therefore, the procedure is shorter and you can get new teeth in a day rather than wasting time for series of visits. Additionally, it is a recommended procedure for people whose jawbones are weaker due to medical conditions or aging. Since its beginnings can be traced to 70’s, All-on-4 treatment is a safe and well-known procedure. However, it doesn’t mean that it is an old technique. To the contrary, All-on-four procedure has undergone series of developments and remains one of the tops in the field of dental bridges. To these developments belongs the use of angulated dental implants, making dental bridge installed during All-on-4 dental implant procedure more stable.


There is no particular preparation for patients who want to get All-on-4 dental implants. Before the All-on-4 procedure itself, patients come for a consultation, including evaluation of teeth and scan. Additionally, a dentist who will perform All-on-Four treatment may ask patients for the history of medical conditions related to teeth and mouth as well as for information regarding smoking habits.


The All-on-4 dental procedure is relatively simple. A patient deciding for full dental implants is given medications and anaesthesia. When a patient is sedated, a dentist proceeds to remove teeth remaining in the jaw being treated. In order to place All-on-4 dentures, a specialist has to remove infected or damaged tissue as well. Then, four dental implants are installed, two on the front and two on the sides of a patient’s jawbone. Then a patient wakes up and the last, prosthetic stage of the All-on-Four procedure may be performed. The temporary dental bridge is attached to dental implants and the process of healing after All-on-4 treatment begins. In this way, a patient gets new teeth in a day.


All-on-4 dental procedure is a relatively safe one. As in the case of other dental implants, All-on-4 dental implants are made of titanium and therefore are merging with the patient’s jawbone without a problem. Due to the removal of infected tissues during total tooth replacement, an infection may occur but it is easy to suppress it with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.


With time, dental bridge placed during All-on-Four treatment may change its appearance. In this case, the crucial factor is the material from which patient’s dental bridge was prepared. Acrylic and plastic teeth used often in an All-on-4 dental procedure can change their colour and stain due to their porous surface. Additionally, the food and bacteria collected on them may cause bad breath. The solution for these problems may be the usage of different material (like porcelain or zirconia) for a final dental bridge after the All-on-Four dental procedure.


Turkey became in the last decade the regional and world leader in health tourism. Turkey’s high position (6th in 2015) was achieved due to its geographical proximity to both Europe and MENA region, as well as high-class medical facilities and skilled teams of specialists. Thousands of patients every month arrive in Turkey to have an All-on-4 dental procedure or other types of dental implants done.  They know that undergoing All-on-4 treatment in one of Ankara’s or Istanbul’s clinics (for example Estethic Palace in Istanbul, Atasehir) is safe and the results will be great. It is expected that more and more people will arrive in years to come in Istanbul to have affordable and quality All-on-Four dental procedure.