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As the popularity of hair implants rises, there are more and more celebrities who decide for this hair treatment. After all, we all humans, isn’t it – one’s popularity does not protect him from thinning hair or receding hairline. And since they do not need to worry about the potential cost of hair transplant, actors, sportsmen, and other famous people decide more and more often for hair treatment. Celebrity hair transplant, as all the types of celebrity cosmetic surgery, has become an object of focus for thousands of fans who follow their idols’ metamorphoses. Let’s have a look then at some of the most discussed celebrity hair transplants – were they successful? Were they performed using FUE technique (follicular unit extraction) or FUT treatment (follicular unit transplant)? Here is our subjective list.

wayne rooney hair transplant

Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant

Famous footballer Wayne Rooney was struggling for a long time with receding hairline and thinning hair before he decided for a more radical approach. He went for FUE hair transplant in Harley Street hair clinic and underwent a positive metamorphosis. His choice of follicular unit extraction technique definitely provided it with positive PR among football fans around the globe. However, his thinning hair requires not just one but probably three FUE treatments, therefore the effect is not as good as it could be at the moment.

salman khan hair transplant

Salman Khan Hair Transplant

While he may not be easily recognized by people from the Western Europe or the USA, Salman Khan is a Bollywood superstar. His popularity did not protect him from thinning hair though. The solution was FUT hair transplant. However, first hair treatment in Indian hair clinic in 2003 turned out to be a spectacular failure. In order to undergo a proper hair transplant, Salman Khan went to Dubai. There, undisclosed American specialist conducted a second FUT treatment, which definitely brought better results. Still, there is a price to be paid for it – FUT causes scarring of donor area and it is clearly visible in the case of Salman Khan.

david beckham

David Beckham Hair Transplant

The mysterious case of David Beckham hair transplant is a matter of heated arguments among specialists and fans. David Beckham, football legend, and celebrity is definitely an object of wonder for millions around the world. In the second half of 2000’s some photos supposedly revealing his thinning hair were published, triggering a heated discussion. Even more, rumours spread as he apparently retained his hair’s length and density – some claimed that he was the next example of celebrity hair transplant. It seems that thinning hair isn’t a problem anymore but in the same time David Beckham was never caught with shaven hair after a hair transplant procedure – how was it possible then? Many specialists claim that he could undergo neither FUE treatment nor FUT procedure, and photos showing his thinning hair were a hoax. Is David Beckham hair transplant a myth then? Probably we will never learn.

ben afflecks hair transplant

Ben Affleck Hair Transplant

Another celebrity surrounded by hair transplant rumours is nobody else than Ben Affleck, well-known actor and director. He is thought to have decided for some kind of hair loss treatment for men but what kind of? Some people, including hair specialists, suggest FUE treatment while others openly accuse the actor of using a wig as a way of covering his receding hairline while not wasting time for hair transplant procedures. He was never seen in the state after a hair transplant treatment – no months of baldness and swelling. So is it a wig or some more sophisticated hair treatment? as in the previous case, Ben Affleck hair transplant remains a mystery.